Le Blanc Winner

This year's winner is
Melissa Strait

Meliss has been involved with the Gratiot County Players for many years. She has fulfilled roles as an actress and an invaluable costuming assistant. She is a long time supporter of GCP and a valued asset


The Gwen and Carew LeBlanc award honors  persons for outstanding achievement in theater. The award's title honors the late Gwen and Carew LeBlanc for their decades of selfless effort and hard work on behalf of the players. All winners have been long time supporters of the Gratiot County Players and have dedicated much time and effort towards making the Gratiot County Players what it is today. Each winner receives a commemorative plaque and Huge Thank You!

Winners From Prior Years

1998   Don Reithel
1999   Maynard Peacock - remembered
2000   Lynn Johnson
2001   Jean Kimball
2002   Scott Messing
2003   Kevin Fitzgibbon
2004   Nancy Peska
2005   Joanne Allman
2006   Roger Allman
2007 Al Bartholomew
2008 Jane Keon
2009 Mike Duda - remembered
2010 Laurie Harrison
2011 Wayne Wieferich
2012 Doug Ballard
2013 Craig Zeese
2014 Angie Ballard
2015 Eric Johnson
2016 Kriss Roethlisberger
2017 Linda Johnson